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Massage For Helping Your Back

How many times have you got out of bed on a morning and felt that ‘twinge’ in your back?

Some days you know right from the start that you will have an uncomfortable day which if you are very unlucky may even stretch to several days.You also know that in order to get some relief from the pain and discomfort that painkillers will be the order of the day added to heat/ice packs, hot baths and lots of back-rubbing to try and loosen it up.

Deep joy!

This is reality for thousands of people week in and week out as we all know that according to official figures that back problems account for one of the biggest reasons for sick time from work. Back problems not only make for great pain for us personally but also for your employer and the country as a result of lost work days and sick pay.

Here in the west we are not good at giving to ourselves to maintain good health.We tend to regard having a massage as one of those luxuries that we get as a present -not something that is essential regular maintenance.Massage here in the UK is still regarded as something a little bit on the rude side by many people and the mere thought of having to go somewhere to remove items of clothing in a non medical setting is enough to stop us right there and then.

We seriously need to rethink some aspects of our culture to be more in line with traditional Indian and Chinese. Old traditional cultures with traditional forms of healing and medicine see massage as an integral and important part of maintaining good health.

So, why is massage so good for us?

  • Working with steady pressure directly on muscle groups will help muscles knots to be broken down or at the very least loosened so that the tension is not quite as noticeable as it was.
  • Warming muscles up with massage allows the muscle to relax and lengthen, this reinstates the blood supply which in turn brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the cells.In return this takes away carbon dioxide and other unwanted toxins.
  • Stretching muscles regularly helps to keep them supple and healthy and helps to prevent injuries in the long term.
  • Massage and the element of human touch is very very therapeutic and relaxing to humans.By having time out for a massage it gives us as people time out to relax and do nothing but simply submit to the treatment.By inducing a state of deep relaxation we enter a place where we can change our brainwave patterns albeit just for a while.This also connects us to the subconscious mind where our deepest programming lurks and runs.
  • Massage deeply affects the physical, mental and emotional states and has the ability to restore balance and harmony to all three.
  • By having a treatment regularly it helps to keep you supple, calm and in tip top condition.
  • By combining massage with good diet, regular exercise, good sleeping routine in a supportive bed

So, the next time you think about spending that 20+ on a night out, new clothes, new bag or shoes just reconsider that investing that money in yourself you will get far more longterm value for your money.

A word of advice before we go – make sure that you find a professionally qualified massage therapist who has got professional insurance for all treatments that they offer.A good starting point would be the Association of Beauty Therapists who have a separate division for Complementary Therapists.

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