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Keeping Yourself Well

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a multi pronged approach, which needs constant care and attention on all sides.

We need to be fit, well fed with the right sort of foods, we need to be mentally and emotionally balanced. We need to get plenty of the right sort of sleep and to keep our bodies well maintained.

Quite a lot to think about, on top of everything else that we cram into already busy lives.

Here in the west we do not put a high priority on ‘looking after ourselves’. We are happy to spend a lot of our hard earned money on expensive new clothes, nights out, eating out, treats and trips.However, when it comes to spending on essential wellbeing then this tends to get overlooked as a ‘luxury’ we really cannot afford.

Ever get the feeling we are working back to front or inside out?

In the East, particularly in India or China great emphasis is put on personal wellbeing.Massage is an integral element of the traditional Chinese Medicine and the Indian Ayurvedic Medicine.The person is looked at as a ‘whole’ not a series of parts, which may individually go wrong and need fixing in parts.Medicine is seen as a part of everyday life and the type of medicine used is ‘natural’ not chemical pharmaceuticals as revered here in the west.

Traditional types of medicine utilise nature and aims to restore the natural balance to where it should be.Plants and herbs are used and indeed food -how can you expect a car to run on the wrong type of fuel? So, why should we run efficiently on the wrong types of ‘food’?

One of the most fascinating things to me is the system of energy meridians that the ancient Japanese and Chinese recognised and mapped out.These ancient cultures saw and understood the concept of the physical body as the tip of the iceberg -just simply a physical manifestation of a huge integrated energy system which extends far beyond the physical boundary known as a body.When the energy is all in balance and harmonised then the ‘whole’ works in harmony.Where there is ‘disharmony’ then the energy is imbalanced and so we are off balance.This might just mean that we are feeling a wee bit ‘out of sorts’ or if this has been ignored for too long and allowed to get out of hand then it could mean that we succumb to illness or disease.

Everything in nature is about balance -just think of the natural world and ecosystem where plants, animals and insects all have a role to play to keep the natural order.

In keeping ourselves in balance by learning how to look after ourselves we are simply helping nature to do the job it is supposed to do.The human body has am amazing inbuilt system of equilibrium which is designed to keep us fit and healthy so that we can enjoy and experience all that being ‘human’ has to offer.

By learning how to spend time and effort and some money on ‘ourselves’ we are investing in the very best way to keep us fit and well for many years so that we can experience all that being human has to offer whilst we are here on earth.

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