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Juice Cleansing And Fasting

Spring is a time where we take the opportunity to sweep away winter, brush down the cobwebs and start afresh with a rebirth.We spring clean our homes, we spring clean our wardrobes as we put away the warm woolly clothes and many look to spring clean their bodies ready for a long hot summer of sunshine and fun.

Spring cleaning on all levels is about starting afresh from a clean clear base where we can feel good about ourselves and our homes -like they are new from scratch.

In all major religions there is the opportunity to fast and cleanse ourselves (Ramadan, Lent) and for the human body it is a valuable time to cleanse the system of toxins whether they be physical, mental or emotional.

Most of the repair and regeneration of the human body is done at night whilst we are sleeping (a very good reason to make sure that you have the best adjustable bed that you can afford to buy) but once in a while it does us all good to think about what we are putting into our bodies and to cut down on the stuff that is not really considered to be good and healthy.This also gives our bodies a rest from the daily diet of many varied foodstuffs so that a deep cleanse can be done.

The basis of any fast is to make sure that the body is well hydrated with good clean water -after all there is no point starting to clean your home with a bucket of dirty water is there?We should be using lots of fresh clean water and be emptying that bucket every time it gets full of dirty old water. Good clean water is the major constituent of all living cells and the more hydrated we are the more our cells can give up their toxins to be eliminated.

We all know that good fresh fruits and vegetables are the cornerstone of a good diet -even the government here in the UK recently advocated now consuming 7 portions per day instead of the 5 they previously recommended.When these fruits and vegetables are juiced it means that all of the vitamins and minerals are in a much easier state for the human digestive system to assimilate them than if they were whole so our bodies have less work to do but for a bigger gain on the nutrient front.If fruits and vegetables are organic the gain is even bigger as this means that there should be no added chemicals and not only that but it is widely reported that organic produce has higher levels of essential nutrients than non organic.

When our bodies are given the essential nutrients and clean water for one day or sometimes a few days and they can we can spend time on repairing, purifying and cleansing our systems to bring back the balance and good health we all deserve to have.

Whilst there may be people who dispute the therapeutic value value of a juice fast/cleanse there are equally many many people who advocate them as an essential part of a healthy life to keep us clean and clear.Patrick Holford is a well respected nutrition expert and he recommends juices as part of his one week detox diet.

So, if you are busy spring cleaning your home then spare a thought for your ultimate home -your body and spend time and energy making sure that all is well for a long and healthy life.

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