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Jim & Lucy’s New Mobility Bed

I have just come back from a very nice weekend away staying with family down south. They have just moved into a lovely brand new home which is light, bright, airy and very modern.One of those enviable homes, where you even get the kitchen appliances and wooden floors thrown in, (Bosch ones at that). Apart from needing a few extra shelves and furniture adding absolutely nothing else needs doing.

So, to celebrate the new abode they decided that it was high time to invest in some really good new furniture to replace the cheap and cheerful stuff that has served them well over the last few years.Money is no longer as tight as it was and quality and style were the order of the day.Not to mention the fact that as they are now getting older comfort and ease of use was also a big factor.

So, imagine my delight when they showed me with great pride their new adjustable mobility bed.At last, all of my raving about the benefits of this highly adaptable piece of bedroom furniture had been listened to.You see Jim has started to suffer from a few joint aches and pains -a side effect from being an avid sports player for most of his life. It starts with a bit of hip and knee stiffness just now and then, progressing to pain on a regular basis.Nothing requiring anything more than the odd painkiller at the moment but in time well who knows?

Jim and Lucy were so excited to show off their new mobility bed as they love to call it.Mobility bed because it keeps them mobile whilst in bed as they love to sit and relax watching a movie or reading a book before settling down to sleep.

Imagine how delighted I was to hear how they have discovered that mobility beds are now ‘must have’ furniture items which no longer look like a noisy clanky metal hospital or nursing home bed.In fact they actually told me that they did not initially realise it was a mobility bed but thought it was just a very nice stylish looking bed.How times have changed when therapeutic items of furniture look like regular items?

It was one of those moments for me where I did a secret smile because I knew that for once my advice had been heeded and not only that -they love it and are seeing a real benefit.The trouble with all of us is that we do not always want to listen to someone else and we do have to be ready to hear the message in our own time when we are ready -a classic case of us leading a horse to water but we cannot make it drink.

However, Jim and Lucy have invested very wisely in a piece of furniture that will see them through to a ripe old age which will serve them well as they slow down and stiffen up and will give them hours of comfort and pleasure.

To take a peek at what they bought just click here.

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