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Different Ways To Strengthen Your Spine

Keeping a strong and healthy spine is essential -as a recent injury taught me that even doing something which at the time seems to be a normal activity can sometimes go horribly wrong.Keeping your spine strong and supple will always help to minimise injuries and problems and will help you to recover as fast as you can.

I know from experience that making the effort to leave your home to go to the gym is not always an appealing thought especially here in the UK when it is cold , dark and wet outside the last thing we want to do is to go outside.I also know that even on a weekend in warm weather that we do not always have the time or inclination to make the effort to go to the gym.

So, that being said the easiest option is to make the most of being at home and use this to provide exercise.

  • Gardening -Just think about it all that digging and weeding is fantastic exercise both weight bearing and aerobic.Cutting down trees, wheeling barrows full of soil, hoeing and digging all use different muscle groups and give different forms of stretching and lifting.
  • Cleaning and even better, spring cleaning. Scrubbing, vacuuming, cleaning in general is a good form of exercise. Reaching high up to dust and clean, taking down heavy curtains -never underestimate that housework can be hard physical grafting.
  • Cleaning the cars. Carrying buckets of water, using the vacuum cleaner etc etc.
  • Walking the dog or even a friend or neighbours dog. Regular walking is always good for us and not only that it can be good fun too especially if you have got some nice parks or countryside nearby.Being out in the fresh air and nature is very soothing for the soul.
  • DIY, painting and decorating -great for stretching and aerobic and weight bearing exercise.
  • Taking the kids to the park, swimming or going for a bike ride with them -great for exercise and valuable family time.
  • Other ways will also include normal exercise and sports such as swimming, Yoga, Pilates, the gym.You can find a good qualified Yoga teacher at the British Wheel of Yoga.
  • Remember also that to keep your spine healthy you need to consider your posture and make sure that your furniture is supportive and comfortable and in particular your bed.You spend approximately one third of your life in bed and this is where you get to repair and regenerate so being well supported in a good bed is vital to your health.An adjustable bed is perfect for this and they really are far more affordable than you may have initially thought.Take a look at our most popular models right here.

Keeping fit and healthy is not just the preserve of those who ‘can afford’ it as many types of exercise are free and more importantly can add to family time and take attention away from solitary hobbies such as computer games and other things where we are simply just sitting down and not moving.

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