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Adjustable Beds – Why You Might Just Benefit

Adjustable beds for many people invoke a picture of a metallic, clanky hospital bed that is both big and heavy and very very noisy.Obviously not something that most of us would dream of having in our own homes.We associate that picture in our minds with being ill in hospital.

Now look at it this way -we spend approximately one third of our lives in bed yes one third.We take to our bed when we feel ill or need comfort or warmth.Our bed is seen as a place of safety and security and we feel safe whilst there.Whilst we sleep we go to far away places and let our subconscious mind deal with what it need to deal with and our physical body gets on with what it is supposed to be doing which is keeping fit and healthy so that we can become who we are meant to be -happy and healthy.

It is whilst we sleep that our bodies do the necessary repair and regeneration and so it stands to reason that if we do not get the right amount of sleep of the right quality of sleep then there is the potential that our health will suffer.Imagine all the stress we put upon ourselves on a daily basis on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.We live in a world where negative stress is the norm -we live in a world of fear and destruction and the vibes from this are constantly around us.

So, back to bed. You see if we were able to get a really good nights sleep every single night then we would be far better placed to be stronger better people during the day.

So, why should adjustable beds be any better than your trusty non adjustable beds?

  • Adjustable beds do what they say -adjusts in the 5 main regions that sometimes need extra support. The head, neck, back, hips and knees are all areas that are prone to injury and problems and if you do experience any discomfort whilst in bed I would put my money on it that it is one of these 5 areas.
  • Adjustable beds can help people who suffer from aches and pains, those who snore, people who are fit and healthy and people who have health issues.
  • Adjustable beds can adjust when and where you need it -totally customised support whenever it is needed.
  • Adjustable beds will adjust so that you can sit in comfort whilst watching a movie or reading a book or sitting knitting.No more propping yourself up with a mountain of pillows just to get supported and comfortable.
  • Adjustable beds now looks just like a regular bed so your bedroom need not be transformed into looking like a sick room.
  • Adjustable beds are now as affordable as a regular bed -take a look at our most popular Prestige Ambience just here which starts at an incredible 349.In fact we have regular offers which can all be seen on our home page.
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