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Adjustable Mattress

One of the main reasons we decide to buy a new bed is when our old trusty comfy saggy mattress gets just that little bit too saggy for us. You know how it feels when you start to sink into oblivion every night (and I do not mean a good deep sleep) and next morning it feels like climbing the Eiger to get up and out of bed.So, a mattress that is past it’s sell by date is often the catalyst for us to get a whole new bed.

Now this is when decision time begins because in deciding to invest in a new bed it opens up a whole new can of worms because we then have to decide which bed?Do you go for a wooden bed, metal bed, ‘normal’ bed, water bed, electric bed?In fact there are so many to choose from today that making that choice can seem to be very stressful. However, many people today are choosing to buy electric adjustable beds for a number of very good reasons and here at the Electric Bed Co we like to think of ourselves as ‘experts in our field’.

Deciding to invest in an adjustable bed is not just a furniture choice it is very much a lifestyle choice as you will very quickly learn when doing your research and homework about beds that adjustable beds are not only supremely comfortable and supportive for everyone and anyone no matter what age or state of health – although the less able you are to be able to get around or get into and out of bed the more benefit you will have from having an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds are also the ultimate in bedtime relaxation but here at the Electric Bed Co they come without the luxury price tag.

So, you choose to buy an adjustable bed, you decide on the frame wether it be standard, wooden, leather. You then get to make a very very important choice – you have to decide which adjustable mattress is going to be the right one for you.

So, How Is An Adjustable Mattress Different?

An adjustable mattress is not going to be the same as the mattress on your ‘normal’ bed.You see conventional mattresses are generally what is called sprung mattresses – they have an open coil spring unit and are then are packed with fillings to give it structure and support and a cover to protect both the user and the coils.

However this type of mattress is not really suitable as an adjustable mattress as this type of mattress will not easily bend with the folding adjustable base.

Reflex Adjustable Mattress

The reflex adjustable mattress has been designed specifically for adjustable beds with individual comfort cells which are all totally independent of each other.This mattress moulds exactly to the contours of the person and it provides consistent support no matter whether the user is sitting or sleeping or simply just relaxing and reclining.Take a look at the Royal Elegance Reflex Adjustable Mattress

Latex Adjustable Mattress

The latex adjustable mattress is a very eco friendly mattress and has got the advantage of being time tried and tested. Latex is not only very comfortable and supportive but also breathable.See here for our latex mattress

Memory Foam Adjustable Mattress

This adjustable mattress does exactly what it says because it moulds to you and your shape.Your body heats the foam which then gently moulds to your contours to give support and comfort all night long.Take a look right here at the Imperial Opulence memory foam mattress.

Pocket Sprung Adjustable Mattress

Think sprung mattress as explained above but with individual springs each contained in their own little fabric pocket – not one one big interconnected coil. Each spring works independently so that you get to be comfortable and supported all night long. Take a look at the Prestige Ambience Pocket Sprung Mattress.

Combined Pocket Sprung & Memory Foam Adjustable Mattress

Imagine the sheer luxury and support of a pocket sprung mattress with a topper of memory foam …The combination of the 2 different types gives greater support and reduces pressure on the most prominent parts of the body all night long.Take a peek right here at the combined adjustable mattress.

Whatever adjustable mattress suits you the best, you can be assured that here at The Electric Bed Co we have got the choice for you to fit the adjustable bed of your dreams and with our price match guarantee, free delivery and assembly we guarantee that you will have the best nights sleep in the world ever. 🙂

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