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Electric Adjustable Beds

Electric Adjustable Beds ……

How many nights have we all lain in bed just tossing and turning trying to get into that optimum comfort zone to allow us to just ‘drop off the cliff’?

Well, I know for a fact that over the years I have spent literally thousands of such nights – and you know what? The next morning I never failed to feel absolutely ‘rubbish’.

So, imagine what a sheer revelation it was to me to discover electric adjustable beds. Gone are the days of electric adjustable beds being just orthopaedic beds for the sick and disabled.

Electric Adjustable Beds? What the heck?

Well, you first of all need to understand the reasons of your initial discomfort.All that tossing and turning and harrumphing around is because your bed or more precisely your mattress is not giving you the level of comfort and support you need.The human body is not some flat piece of cardboard, it is a curvy structure that has many different pressure points and all of these pressure points have their own levels of support that are required , so a flat mattress really will not cut it quite like electric adjustable beds.

We have all have a spine which is literally our backbone and this is responsible for supporting the whole frame, so first and foremost our spine needs optimum support.Extending upwards from the spine we have a neck and head and we all know the dire consequences of a bad neck don’t we?

We have got hips and legs, god forbid if we get a lower back problem because we know how this will affect our ability to walk easily don’t we? So, just in case you missed getting the picture – you should now be beginning to understand why it is essential that we support our back at all times particularly in bed as we spend approximately one third of our lives there.You beginning to understand why electric adjustable beds are so essential?

Electric Adjustable Beds are essential furniture items of the 21st century!

Now, back to bed – or rather the subject of beds, electric adjustable beds.You see …. electric adjustable beds are just that, they adjust to you and whatever is going to be the most supportive position for you.

  • Electric adjustable beds adjust in 5 places – the 5 most critical places where support is needed.The head, neck, spine, hips and legs.
  • Electric adjustable beds adjust as many times as you need to adjust them so if you start off sitting reading or watching a movie then lie down to sleep you simply readjust.
  • Electric adjustable beds can be adjustable beds for couples where each person has their own mattress – ‘double electric adjustable beds’ Electric adjustable beds need not resemble something from your granny’s old folks home or the hospital beds in your local hospital.
  • Electric adjustable beds today are actually a statement in style and bedroom glamour – a must have much coveted piece of bedroom furniture.
  • Electric adjustable beds are a lifestyle furniture item as they allow you to sit in bed watching a movie or reading a a book in perfect comfort and support.
  • Electric adjustable beds are no longer a prohibitively expensive item of furniture they are now highly competitive with the prices of normal ‘flat’ beds. See the Prestige Ambience one of our best sellers right here starting at just 399.
  • In fact Electric Adjustable Beds are the only way to ensure that you get the best quality nights sleep in the world ever and until you actually experience one you cannot begin to imagine just what you are missing.
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