Juice Cleansing And Fasting


Spring is a time where we take the opportunity to sweep away winter, brush down the cobwebs and start afresh with a rebirth.  We spring clean our homes, we spring clean our wardrobes as we put away the warm woolly clothes and many look to spring clean their bodies ready for a long hot summer of sunshine and fun.

Spring cleaning on all levels is about starting afresh from a clean clear base where we can feel good about ourselves and our homes – like they are new from scratch.

In all major religions there is the opportunity to fast and cleanse ourselves (Ramadam, Lent)  and for the human body it is a valuable time to cleanse the system of toxins whether they be physical, mental or emotional.

Most of the repair and regeneration of the human body is done at night whilst we are sleeping (a very good reason to make sure that you have the best adjustable bed that you can afford to buy) but...

7 A Day Keeps The Doctor Away


For the last few years we have been constantly told that eating just 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day will help to keep us strong and healthy.  Not only that but this will significantly lower our risk of having diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

You would have thought that by having to do something (something which quite honestly we should be doing anyway) as simple as this that we would all comply.  However, we all know the truth – hand on heart how many of you actually consume the recommended 5 per day every day?

To be perfectly honest when I see in the press that ‘yet another new survey’ shows us something I totally ignore it.  However, the new survey by Dr Oyinlola Oyebode at University College in London suggests that the 5 a day is a bit on the short side as 7 is nearer the mark is one survey that actually gets my attention and my vote.  You...

Look After Your Spine – Pilates


Today Pilates is a very popular exercise regime, which in many circles is as highly regarded as Yoga for helping to keep the balance between both body and mind.

Pilates was developed Joseph Pilates a German, during the first half of the 20th century.  Joseph was a man ahead of his time for western Europe as he recognized that body and mind are closely linked and for good health to prevail then the 2 need to be in balance and harmony.

Like yoga, Pilates needs focus and control where the body and mind work together harmoniously.  Pilates help the body to strengthen and stretch which in turn improves balance, flexibility and posture.  The mindfulness when doing the exercises helps the focus and concentration and it creates a place of meditation like calm and peace.

The core muscles – the abdominals, hips, buttocks, thighs and lower back are seen as the powerhouse and this is where all movements begin flowing out to the...

Top Tips For A Healthy Spine


Back problems are one of the biggest causes of sick time in the UK today.  It costs UK employers and the UK economy millions of ££ every year not to mention the untold pain and misery it causes to those who suffer.

There are however a number of things that we can all do to help to minimize back injuries from starting in the first place.  If we have a healthy body and feed it well, exercise and keep our muscles and joints mobile and flexible and generally respect ourselves then it all goes towards creating a healthy environment for a healthy life.

So, to help you to focus on creating a healthy body here are just a few tips to get you started.


·      Eat good healthy food and make sure that you have a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Drink plenty of good clean water and minimize or even stop your intake of sugar, processed food,...

My Electric Adjustable Bed – What a Godsend

There is nothing quite like knowing that you have got exactly the right thing at the time you most need it.  You see, having been a great fan of adjustable beds for quite some time I thought I knew just how comfortable they really are.  Having spent hours sitting in comfort and reclining in comfort and sleeping in comfort I thought I knew it all.

I did – that is until I injured my knee.

You know how it is just the one small twist in the wrong direction and the consequences turn into something way out of all proportion to the cause? 

I twisted just ever so slightly off balance the other week and down I went onto my left knee.  I most circumstances this would have meant nothing but on this occasion it must have been just one of those things where the angle/pressure was not quite right and the damage was done.  Extremely painful torn tendons to be exact.

So, for the next few weeks I can look forward to sitting with my leg elevated...

Spring Cleaning


Spring brings all manner of new thoughts and inspiration to us.

As the weather starts to warm up from the dark and cold of winter, the mornings start to lighten and the blackbirds begin to tweet.  We begin to wake to a more positive and optimistic feeling that renewal and rebirth is on it’s way.

The ground begins to soften and shoots begin to show we all begin to feel lighter and happier whilst we anticipate the summer and long lazy warm days of daylight and warmth.

It is at this time that we instinctively feel a need to clear out the old and bring in the new.  Almost a nesting feeling where we have a primaeval need to clean out the old.  So, we traditionally do our spring cleaning where we deep clean our homes, open and clean the windows, wash and scrub and clean ready for the new birth of spring.

Springtime is a very good time to take stock of our homes to see what needs replacing after the dark and cold of winter. ...

Electrical Adjustable Beds For Back Problems

An electrical adjustable bed can potentially help anyone and in particular anyone who spends long periods of time in bed and who likes to be in a more elevated position than simply lying down flat.  This could include the elderly, sick and those who just like to hibernate away in bed on a cold dark winters night to watch their favourite movie or read their new book.

However, a group of bed users who will greatly benefit from the flexibility of positions an adjustable bed creates is that group of people who suffer from back problems and back pain.  In many cases people who suffer with back pain benefit from being in a supported more upright position and not only that they need to be able to change position and yet still remain totally comfortable and supported.

It may be that the injury was the result of a sporting injury, an accident or even after surgery but no matter how the discomfort and pain started the patient needs to be comfortable to be able to rest...

Exercise For Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain then you will already know that the treatment and prevention of further problems is essential.  You will also understand that back pain treatment is not generally a one step process.  It can involve therapy, drugs, exercise, nutrition and of course not forgetting - getting a good supportive bed

If the pain is something you have had for any length of time then you should seek medical help in order to get a diagnosis of the problem.  Only when the diagnosis has been made can you begin to address the problem and look to remedy it.

The best place to get an initial diagnosis is with your medical doctor who maybe then will refer you to a physio therapist or other physical therapy professional.  The physio will then make an assessment of you and the problem and will carry out treatment and in many cases...

Electric Beds - This Might Just Persuade You


Electric  Beds - A Few Very Good Reasons for Buying One

Well, I think we can all agree that any last thoughts on an Indian summer lasting until November are well and truly pipe dreams - although after the summer we have just all enjoyed we could be forgiven for hoping.

The clocks have changed and I do not know about you - but for me bed time cannot come around fast enough.  I no longer wish to sit around the house when it is cold and dark and my nice warm snuggly bed awaits.  I sit at work on a cold dark day and dream of being warm and cosy with a mug of tea and a few chocolate biscuits.

This then leads onto thinking about just how comfortable that bed really is and not only that but also how supportive is it as I am going to spend quite a long time sitting in it reading, watching movies and generally keeping warm and relaxing?

You see most people only consider the comfort aspect of their bed whilst sleeping yet whilst we sit...

Adjustable Beds - Life Really Can Be This Comfortable


Adjustable Beds - The case for having one


Summer is well and truly over and the nights are drawing in and mornings are cold and dark (even before the clocks have changed) - in fact it seems that winter is about to descend on the UK at large a whole lot quicker than we might like or even be prepared for if the latest weather predictions come true.

I do not know about you but my instinct is now to want to go to bed early to snuggle up nice and warm and cosy to read or watch a movie and just to relax and this is exactly where adjustable beds come in.

Just transport yourself for one moment to relaxing in YOUR current bed ........... Nice fluffy duvet, plenty of pillows for comfort and support, brand new book, box of chocolates and mug of tea ............

Then think about how this can be improved - bigger box of chocolates, butler to make and bring the tea, bigger TV and better Sky movies package?

Or ......

A more...