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Keeping Yourself Well

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a multi pronged approach, which needs constant care and attention on all sides. We need to be fit, well fed with the right sort of foods, we need to be mentally and emotionally balanced. We need to get plenty of the right sort of sleep and to keep our […]

Why An Adjustable Bed?

One question we keep getting asked time and time again is….. ‘Why would I buy and adjustable bed – just why are they so good?’ Well, this is a very good question and one that we are more than happy to answer as many times as is necessary. You see an adjustable bed is good […]

Jim & Lucy’s New Mobility Bed

I have just come back from a very nice weekend away staying with family down south. They have just moved into a lovely brand new home which is light, bright, airy and very modern.One of those enviable homes, where you even get the kitchen appliances and wooden floors thrown in, (Bosch ones at that). Apart […]

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder characterised by pauses in breathing or shallow breaths whilst sleeping. When the breathing stops it can be for 10 seconds to perhaps a minute or more and this causes sleep disturbance and also variation in blood oxygen levels.The pause in breathing is called apnoea and where there is an […]

Juice Cleansing And Fasting

Spring is a time where we take the opportunity to sweep away winter, brush down the cobwebs and start afresh with a rebirth.We spring clean our homes, we spring clean our wardrobes as we put away the warm woolly clothes and many look to spring clean their bodies ready for a long hot summer of […]